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A patent gives an inventor the right for a limited period to stop others from making, using or selling an invention without the permission of the inventor. It is a deal between an inventor and the Government in which the inventor is allowed a fixed period of monopoly in return for allowing the invention to be made public. Patents are about functional and technical aspects of products and processes.

A patented invention is recorded in a patent document. A patent document must have Description of the invention, possibly with drawings, with enough for detail a person skilled in the area of technology to perform the invention.


A patent can be of value to an inventor - as well as protecting his business.

Patent Services

  • Portfolio management, monitoring and renewal of patents / applications
  • Drafting and patent filing applications
  • Support prosecution and office actions
  • Liasioning with the Government Authorities
  • Drafting of Specifications
  • Representation Before Registering Authority.