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The main purpose of a copyright is to protect expression of thoughts and ideas. Copyright protects 'original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works'. In order to secure copyright protection the author must have bestowed upon the work “sufficient judgement, skill, labour or capital”.

Copyright is a right given to or derived from the works and it is not a right in the ideas. There is no copyright in ideas. Copyright subsists only the material form to which the ideas are translated. We hold the expertise in litigating copyright and database disputes as well as licensing and other contractual issues in this area.

Copyright services:
  • Filing of copyright registration applications.
  • Television and film production agreements.
  • Publishing agreements.
  • Magazine production agreements.
  • Film distribution agreements.
  • DVD rental services agreements.
  • Various software licensing including reseller agreements and outsourcing.
  • Transactions relating to the Internet including web site development, web site terms and conditions, digital music licensing, online promotions and games etc.
  • Agreements with artists and other content providers.
  • Database agreements

In addition to the above, we also provide consultation on all aspects of copyright and database rights including:

  1. Subsistence of copyright,
  2. Risk management in relation to online and other promotions
  3. Marketing strategies and advertisements.