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India being a member of WTO has implemented the TRIPS agreement in totality.
Many amendments have been made by which various important provisions have been added to cover technical, administrative and legal issues, whereby registration process has been made quicker and easier, penalties for offences have been increased, and penal actions have been made more stringent.

Whenever the monopoly right of the intellectual Property Right holder are infringed, his rights are secured again by the legal actions such as:
  • Injunctions (Interim or Permanent)
  • Damages
  • Accounts of Profits
  • Search and Seizures of the infringed goods
  • Criminal action: Imprisonment or fine or both.

IPR Venture, with their long and varied expertise, provide essential and much-needed services in this field of the law, which include

  • Registration of copyrights, designs and patents, service marks and trademarks;
  • Maintenance of the rights worldwide;
  • Monitoring of misappropriation of clients’ proprietary rights;
  • Advice on acquisition, sale and licensing of such rights;
  • Drafting agreements and Deeds, and negotiating a wide range of contracts in relation to these rights, namely, Agreements relating to domestic and foreign product-distribution, assignment and licensing, purchasing, selling and perfecting interests in intellectual properties as a part of Corporate take-over or restructuring, advertising, telemarketing and promotional industry agreements, and those involving know-how and trade-secrets.
  • Handling registrations, disputes and litigation of any nature, involving clients’ intellectual property rights before all forums in India.
  • Writing of patent specification by scientific and technical experts and filing of patent Applications

The Firm handles all aspects of registrations and litigation relating to Patents, Designs, Copyright and trade secrets; and liaison with local lawyers, in relevant jurisdictions. The Group also specializes in the conduct of litigation in parallel jurisdictions.

The experienced and committed team of lawyers are eminently equipped and can be relied upon to tackle the present day intricate, knotty, complicated and varied issues related to IP matters, including brands, marketing and advertising, trademarks, designs, copyrights, patents, passing off, parallel imports, trade libel, unfair competition and regulatory concerns such as labeling.

We also have a well-known and reputed International client portfolio and have been instrumental in fighting, with success, in securing their IPR in world famous brand names Besides, they have been diligently pursuing the prosecution of various world famous Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights & Designs applications and are associated with many of leading law firms worldwide.