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IPR VENTURE recently acquired by TCJ Consulting (P) Ltd. is a specialized division providing services in specialized areas of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Laws, Franchisee, Contracts, Compliances, Due Diligence, JV's, Collaboration, Mergers & Acquisition. The experienced and committed teams of professionals specialize in varied issues related to Intellectual Property matters, including brands, marketing and advertising, trademarks, designs, copyrights, patents, passing off, parallel imports, trade libel, unfair competition and regulatory concerns such as labeling. 

Besides routine matters like filing, amendments, registration of Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs, Domains, coordinating in cases related to violation of IPR before Courts & Tribunals, Franchisee & IPR related Agreements. 

Our IT Service Group specializes in providing services starting from Setting Companies in India, Share Allotment, STPI, Setting Systems, Agreements, Cyber law issues i.e. hacking, tampering source code, loss of data, publishing Obscene information, Breach of Privacy, Publishing fraudulent digital signatures, theft, credit card frauds, etc. and handling litigation on Commercial, IPR, Cyber Law, Service and Contractual disputes. 

Our team members are well experienced in drafting, vetting, negotiating and enforcing large variety of Contracts in Consumer goods, Multi Level Marketing, Garments, Pharmaceutical, Herbal products, Food & Beverages, Entertainment, Information Technology, BPO Companies, Infrastructure, Highways, Power, Telecom, Tender & Bid Documents, Housing & Construction Companies, Trading & Export Houses, Insurance, Banking and Finance Companies.